All Saints Catholic Church
The Roman Catholic church of All Saints in Ashbourne, Derby, is at the southern point of the Peak District. Our parish community is served by Fr John Guest.

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Saturday 13th July 10.20am-1.30pm: Speaker: David Wells. Venue:
Trinity School, Beechdale Road, Nottingham NG8 3EZ. The four aims of the day are:
a) To feel enthusiastic about being/becoming a catechist (even if you are not one or feel reluctant to be one).
b) To be clearer about what catechists do, why do it, and how to be more missionary focused.
c) To learn some new methods and techniques encouraged by Pope Francis.
d) To relax and enjoy the day and be away at about 1.30pm
As far as I am aware, we have no active catechists in the parish at
the moment. If you would be interested in the above day, please
let Fr. John know. The work of catechesis covers preparation for baptism, children’s liturgy, confirmation, first holy communion,
marriage, RCIA. part.

For the hire of our community hall please contact Jenny Whitby on 01335 346134 or email


The sacraments lie at the heart of the Church’s life, and so our preparation for each of the sacraments takes place in a way that respects the nature of each sacrament and the person receiving it.  We try and express how each sacrament is a touch of God in our lives and at the same time links us with the community of his family, the Church.
For details about specific sacraments go to the relevant page.
Baptism, Marriage, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion


Going into hospital?

Please let us know if you are going into hospital or if someone you know has been admitted.  Hospitals no longer automatically inform the hospital chaplain of your admission.  In order to ensure that you, if you wish, still receive the sacraments and receive a visit from the on-call chaplain or your own priest, it is important to let one of the following know:
In general: Fr. John 01335 342236
        Deacon Keith Bunyan (especially for Kingsway) 01335 360350
        Fr. John Trenchard 01332 343777 Co-ordinating Chaplain
        Fr. Ka Fai Lee: Nuffield Hospital 01332 514107
        Fr. Mark Brentnall: Grove Hospital & Dean 01332 574474
All emergency calls should be made to the hospital switchboard 01332 340131, who will contact the on-call priest..

All Saints Catholic Church    Belle Vue Avenue    Ashbourne    Derby    DE6 1AT
Telephone: 01335 342236
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